How PGS360 Works

At PGS360, we redefine the essence of third-party logistics by harmoniously merging beauty industry know-how with top-tier supply chain management. Our sophisticated, data-driven processes ensure that once your customer place their orders, we handle everything behind the scenes with unparalleled accuracy.
As a partner, you'll benefit not just from our technical prowess, but from a commitment to excellence that spans over three decades. PGS360 isn't just about fulfilling orders; it's about elevating your brand's promise, achieving faster delivery times, and forging stronger connections with your customers in the beauty industry.

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Your Journey to Expert Supply Chain Solutions

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Discovery & Alignment

We delve into your business goals and challenges, aligning our expertise with your vision.

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Tailored Solution

Recognizing every brand's uniqueness, we craft strategies optimized for your supply chain needs.

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Expertise integration

We integrate your operations with our 34 years of experience, employing systems tailored for the industry.

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Sustained Partnership

Beyond onboarding, we foster enduring relationships, adapting to your evolving demands.


Elevating the Customer Experience

At PGS360, our customers are central to our operations. We delve deeply into understanding each brand's unique needs, crafting solutions that exceed expectations. With consistent communication, industry-specific strategies, and an unwavering commitment to excellence, we aim to elevate every customer interaction, forging partnerships that are built on shared success.

Swift and Seamless Onboarding Experience

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Operational in as few as 4 to 6 weeks

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Customized Onboarding Team at Your Service

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Tailored Strategies for Efficent integration

Transportation PGS360

Easy Transition with Simplified Onboarding Process

Tailored Reporting Insights

Key Data Insights

Harness years of historical data, aiding informed choices and supporting claim resolutions.

Process Mapping

Every operational step documented, offering a myriad of data touchpoints for precision analysis.

Consistent Updates

Esure customers stay in-the-know, highlighting actionable insights and progress metrics.

Focused Visibility

We prioritize and spotlight the data that truly matters, empowering businesses to navigate with clarity and confidence.

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Fully Integrated. Always Connected.

Seamlessly bridging the gap between you and your customers with direct-to-consumer services and robust B2B solutions, all backed by integrated EDI and API technology.

Elevating your Supply Chain Solutions

At PGS360, our roots run deep with over three decades in the industry, and our commitment to excellence remains unwavering. Our unique approach melds deep-seated experience with tailored solutions, specifically designed for the beauty sector. We don't just offer logistics support, we provide a harmonized synergy of beauty and supply chain. Partner with us, where your objectives resonate with our dedication, and each strategy is crafted with your brand's essence in mind.


Let's become partners in this Journey.

Our experienced customer support staff is ready to answer any outstanding questions you may have by phone, email, or through our contact form.

Phone: (800) 424-7746.

Email: [email protected]