After over 31 years of operations, PGS360 has become the trusted name to know for fulfillment, assembly, Logistics, IT, and outsourcing. We partner with major organizations and brands worldwide. Work with our team and you’ll quickly discover how we can help save your business capital, resources, and personnel-hours

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Nelson Santos

“After using PGS to pick up from the ports, we’ve experienced a big improvement with no missed pickups, unless caused by the port terminal yard. PGS has an outstanding Customer Service team that focuses with high communications, resulting in better performances than past trucking companies and also finding immediate solutions to the ongoing and unexpected challenges in this port industry. Their Customer Service works extremely well with our customs broker, even identifying the mistakes in shipping documents provided by our broker. “

Nelson Santos

American International Industries

Celestina Pina

“I really appreciate your courteous customer service and the level of detail and accountability you have established over the years, and the way you conduct your business as a TEAM. I have and will continue to recommend your services to other companies and contacts. I could not be more satisfied with all that you and PGS have done during this difficult time. I look forward to continuing this relationship.”

Ceslestina Pina

Voyant Beauty

PGS360 offers industry-leading solutions for Drybar

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Advanced technology solutions for faster transport

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Warehousing and Fulfillment for business growth

Customer Center PGS360

Shipment tracking through our customer portal to improve communication

24 7 PGS360

24/7 customer service enables us to handle requests around the clock

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