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With over three decades in operation, PGS360 is where beauty meets advanced supply chain solutions. We harness innovation and industry insight to address the unique challenges of the beauty sector. Our data-driven approach ensures precision, turning logistical complexities into seamless experiences. At PGS360, we're more than just logistics, we're partners in amplifying beauty brands' essence and reach.

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Value that Shape Success.


At all times, we are honest, transparent, and accountable. We believe in doing what is right, even when no-one is looking.


There is no substitute for hard work and attention to detail. Our operations are focused on results.


We’re committed to ensuring safety in everything we do, providing results for our customers, and delivering innovative solutions that maximize efficiency.

Crafting Success Stories for Over Three Decades

Since 1989, PGS360 has been dedicated to enhancing the customer experience with comprehensive logistics solutions. Our measure of success is deeply linked into the triumphs of our clients. With us, you'll benefit from:

  • A dedicated focus on your specific needs
  • Solutions crafted just for you.
  • Reliable and top-notch execution, every time.

We proudly stand as an equal opportunity employer, weaving a tapestry of diversity and inclusion across our organizational fabric. This mosaic of varied backgrounds fuels our excellence, culminating in a service that's laser-focused on delivering results.

Today, with a strong foundation spanning across 4 dedicated U.S. facilities, PGS360 is more than just a logistics company. We're a partner that's committed to delivering on promises and exceeding expectations. With 34 years of industry wisdom, we aim to offer insights and solutions that resonate with diverse business needs, supporting our clients in their pursuit.

All Your Supply Chain Needs in Our Hands

3+ Million

Kits Produced

every year


Inventory Accuracy

with our tech-driven operation


On-time Delivery

based on retailer scorecards


Turnaround Time

for D2C order processing

Experience the difference with PGS360

From timely deliveries to unmatched assurance and the ability to scale as per your needs - we've got you covered. Contact us via phone, email or click on the link below to access our contact form.

Phone: (800) 424-7746.

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