PGS360 Offers Comprehensive Coverage for Your Entire Supply Chain

PGS360 offers product and package assembly from our team of highly-trained specialists. In turn, you can minimize storage space, saving time and capital until your customers are ready for delivery. In doing so, we provide JIT (Just In Time) Kitting.

Optimized Product Packaging & Assembly for Faster Delivery

PGS360 features an experienced team of Industrial Engineers and QA specialists who provide sorting, labeling, and assembly expertise for under budget and ahead of schedule deliveries.


Save Resources Through Our JIT Kitting Services

You’ve just received an order. Instead of relying on pre-assembled products that waste space and are susceptible to damage, you can trust in our JIT Kitting services to quickly and accurately assemble products.


Including retail kits for end customers and major retailers.


Versatile Solutions Tailored to Your Business

Whether you need custom labeling, POP displays & stands, product reworks & sorting, or more, PGS360 is flexible. Best of all, we provide lot, batch, and pallet inspections throughout the entire process for comprehensive quality control.


Use Our PGS360 Services to Improve the Supply-Side of Your Business

If you’re ready to dramatically improve your business operations by partnering with PGS360, get in touch today. Our experienced customer support staff is ready to answer any outstanding questions you may have by phone, email, or through our contact form.

Phone: (800) 424-7746.

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