Explore a realm of exceptional supply chain solutions specialized for the beauty industry at PGS360's meticulously designed warehouses. Strategically stationed, each of our locations, from the City of Industry, CA to Fort Worth, TX, and East Orange, NJ, pulsates with the dynamic rhythm of innovation, integration, and impeccable service.

Warehouse Capacity & Capabilities Unleashed Dive deep into a spectrum of capabilities that each warehouse unfurls. Immerse in a universe where multi-warehouse management isn’t merely a concept but a vivid reality. With inventory interconnectivity across all facilities, experience seamless, efficient operations that transcend the conventional boundaries of supply chain management.

Fulfillment & Assembly - The PGS360 Excellence Our City of Industry, CA location is a powerhouse of fulfillment and assembly, aiming to transform the conventional lanes of beauty industry supply chain solutions. Experience an environment where each square foot resonates with potential, from pallet locations to box locations, e-commerce orders, and kit preparations.

Sophisticated Technologies - The Ultimate Game Changer Navigate through an ecosystem that thrives on technological sophistication, including EDI/API connectivity and real-time cloud-based access. Ensure that your supply chain operations not only meet but exceed the contemporary market demands, ensuring precision, speed, and reliability.

Adaptability and Versatility - A New Supply Chain Horizon Experience the versatility of our services ranging from container de-vanning to B2B retailer shipping and reverse logistics processing. Discover a hub that resonates with adaptability, catering to the diverse, dynamic demands of the beauty industry.

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